The motto that we live by is: ‘Touch a life and mend a heart.’ We are committed to leaving a lasting imprint on a child’s life. One that not only changes how they see themselves and the world around them but also the lives of their own children one day.


    To challenge and change attitudes so that society is fair and inclusive and everyone has equal opportunities to thrive and achieve their full potential, where a single child is an asset for the world.


    Provision of services which empower orphans, vulnerable children, disabled people and those with long term health conditions to live the life of their choice and to reach their full potential, and empowering the community with information and resources.


    Promoting and providing relevant and quality services to people with disabilities, orphans and vulnerable children, and enhancement of community development.

    • To provide educational support, medical care and psychosocial support to vulnerable people.
    • To empower the vulnerable groups of people in Chikomba District through development and implementation of community projects.
    • To provide assistive devices to people with disabilities.

    Dignity: At the heart of ROSA CARE ORGANIZATION is our belief that although we are all different, every human being has the right to live the life of their choice and to be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their impairment, age or health status.

    Inclusivity: We adhere to the Social Model of Disability that holds that it is not the individual’s impairment or illness that disables them, rather it is the barriers that society creates that are disabling. We strive to work with each person at their pace, valuing and celebrating their skills and experience and enabling them to use those abilities to get what they need to live independent lives.

    Person-centred: Working at the individual’s pace and to their agenda rather than expecting people  to the services we provide.

    Compassion: working with all aspects of the person’s life – social, health, family life, work.

    Commitment: Working together as a team to ensure that we deliver our vision.

    Collaboration: Partnering with individuals and other organizations to achieve positive outcomes for the vulnerable.

    Transparency: Our quality of work can be easily seen through.

    Accountability: We take responsibility for our own actions.

    Time Frame: We have to respond to your needs within a short space of time.


    Today, Rosa Care Organization is registered in Zimbabwe as a Private Voluntary Organization (PVO Registration number : 15/2020) with the ministry of social welfare. From its inception to the beginning of 2005, Rosa Care Organization operated on a structure run totally by volunteers. In June 2017, Rosa Care Organization was registered with the Deed of Trust (MA00856). Today we employ 10 staff members and work with a further 54 caregivers on stipends. Over 500 children are registered on our programme and we reached a total of 500 adults and children on a monthly basis. We now wish to deepen our programmes and to strengthen the level of services delivered to the children. 86% of donations made by individual well-wishers are directly spent on supporting the sponsored children. Each rural community cluster by each school implementing Rosa Care Organization's model is thoroughly monitored through financial and activity reports, field visits, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation. Rosa Care Organization presently comprises of about 30 members, mainly consisting of individual Zimbabweans as volunteers.


    Rosa Care Organisation was set up by concerned individuals to support and strengthen existing or budding community initiatives which focus on caring for orphans, persons with disabilities and vulnerable children (adults), those with long term health conditions and carers to live the life of their choice and to reach their full potential. Based on a sponsorship programme. Rosa Care Organization's goal is to give back a future to these vulnerable and affected children. An association of persons was set up in May 2004 with the main objective “to provide basic means of survival – such as food and schooling, support for the People with disabilities,
    Orphans and Vulnerable Children”, and as a secondary objective “to engage with community-based organizations that will act as facilitators between Rosa Care Organization and Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs)”. Rosa Care Organization was operating as a CBO with the Youth Council of Zimbabwe under the Ministry of Youth, Gender and Women Empowerment. It was officially registered as a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Zimbabwe as a local charitable trust as per Notaries’ deed of trust (Rosa Foundation MA00856) with the Master of the High Court Harare, Zimbabwe on the 14 June 2017.A pilot-project was started in September 2004 in the rural community of Chikomba District in Mashonaland East Province. Ten children were sponsored with school fees and materials at Mangoro Primary School by an individual Zimbabwean by the name Forbes Chikobvu, the former student of Mangoro Primary School joined up hands with others forming the Association. The first six months of the pilot project proved very successful with all children going back to school and being fed and cared for on a regular basis.